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Winning Stain Removal Seminar
The May stain removal seminar in Cranberry was a huge success.
Jane Zellers of JCZ Training and Consulting, and Bob Edwards, along with Chris Patten, both from A.L. Wilson, showed the attendees how to recognize stains, followed by basic proper procedures. They learned advanced techniques and how to use bleaches.
“Very instructive for both the beginner and the veteran, interesting and interactive” commented one attendee.
Look for the next Stain Removal Clinic in eastern Pennsylvania on September 16.

Drycleaners' Notebook

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Is it Wetcleaning, or, just plain washing?

Spotting Chemical Tools of Tomorrow
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Neutral Lubricant
Neutral Lube is essential to becoming a good stain removal specialist

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Laundering New Quilts
Learn how to properly launder quilts with some general tips for what to look for.

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Stain Removal Clinic Sept. 16

News Read the full story on our News page
Winning Stain Removal Seminar - The May stain removal seminar in Cranberry was a huge success.

Scholarships Available- There are several scholarships available to owners and employees PDCA member plants
PA Compliance Calendars Available- Dyrcleaners who use perc should now have their Pennsylvania Dry Cleaner Compliance Calendars for 2017
EPA Moves to Ban Tricloroethylene as the First Major Regulatory Action Under Chemical Reform Law- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to ban certain uses of trichloroethylene (TCE) due to health risks when used as a degreaser and a spot removal agent in dry cleaning