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EXPO 2014
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Booth Sales Open for Expo 2014

Our Drycleaning and Laundry Expo is set for October 18 and 19. Booth sales have opened, and we already have commitments from many companies.

You can see the floor plan by selecting EXPO 2014 from the pull down menu at the top of the page.

Our Sunday seminar is set, and plans for Saturday’s are being formulated. The event will again feature a Friday evening casual get together and our signature Saturday evening cocktail party and reception.

Be sure to mark you calendar. This event is important for your business, and gives you the opportunity to network, learn and enjoy yourself. And it’s free to PDCA members! You can register online by clicking this link: Attendee Online Registration

New DLI/PDCA Dues Structure Kicks In

DLI and PDCA have a new dues structure to better meet the needs of members and potential members.

Gone is the old method of calculating dues according to the number of employees that members claim to have. Now, dues will be calculated according to the services that people want and actually use. To make payment easier, dues can be deducted in monthly credit card payments, avoiding an annual or semiannual big hit.

When your membership is due for renewal, you will receive an application explaining exactly what is included in each category, so that you can select the plan that best meets your needs.
Your current program will remain intact until your renewal date. Then you will make your decision about the level you choose. Or, you can move to a higher level at any time.

To see the costs and the benefits for each level, Click Here.

If you have any questions, call DLI at 800/638-2627.

PDCA Fights DEP Over Licenses and Fines for Drycleaners

“84 Lb Rule” Invoked at Inspection
PDCA has learned that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has started to enforce an EPA regulation that had been originally aimed at old petroleum transfer machines. DEP says that they feel that even state-of-the-art hydrocarbon machines fall under the rule, since hydrocarbon is a form of petroleum, and the rule applies to the plant, not the equipment.

The rule says that any plant that contains petroleum based equipment with a total drying capacity of 84 pounds or more must meet certain emission standards. The standards are easily met by modern equipment that is maintained normally, but before the owner can do anything, he must obtain a state license.

A member cleaner was inspected by DEP and was told that he passed the inspection and had no violations. However, the next day, another inspector came and told him he was in violation, because he did not have a license. Although his equipment passed all the new emissions tests, he was fined $2000 for the license violation. He was able to negotiate the fine in half, and then contacted PDCA to let us know what happened.

Now, since one district has taken this course, DEP has decided to make the policy statewide.

PDCA contacted DEP to protest the leveling of the fine. Many new cleaners who have large hydrocarbon had asked DEP about any regulations at the time they purchased their equipment, and were told there were none. Some of them had received state grants toward the purchase. Our informal survey of other states did not find any that have uniformly applied this 1984 emissions rule to the dry-to-dry equipment now in use.

PDCA has urged DEP to allow a limited grace period for the affected cleaners to obtain the license without incurring a penalty. We have been in frequent contact with them and will continue to press for the waiver. If we do not get a satisfactory response, we will pursue other paths to ensure a reasonable solution.

Cost of the license $375 and it is good for five years. PDCA has obtained application forms, which must be sent to regional offices, not to Harrisburg. We have the addresses for each area and can let each applicant know the proper place.

Members Win PA Advantage Grants

Several members were among the recipients of the latest round of Small Business Advantage Grants. The grants, which came into existence because of the work of PDCA, went to An’s Cleaners, Philadelphia, Diane Cleaner, Moon Township, McCormick Brothers, Sellersville, Quality Cleaners, Lemoyne and Siani’s Cleaners, Plains. The amounts ranged from $9500 to $5720. PDCA will let you know when applications for the next grant period become available.

Like Us on FaceBook

PDCA is now on FaceBook. Be sure to look for our page, Pennsylvania and Delaware Cleaners Association. Check the Like icon and get the latest updates delivered to you by FaceBook.

Hazardous Waste Removal Contacts

As you may know, Safety-Kleen has been sold, and they are no longer servicing all areas. Some of you may experience problems with pickup and removal of your waste. PDCA has identified two companies that may be able to service your company if Safety-Kleen cannot. MCF Systems is based in Georgia, but they have had routes in our area for many years. National Waste Clean, based in New Jersey, is a newer company, but at PDCA’s Dale Kaplan’s request, DEP checked out the company and reported that they meet all requirements. If we learn of any others, we will let you know. For contact information call PDCA.

Gender Pricing Issue Arises Again

When President Obama slipped in a comment about his wife paying more than he does to have her shirts cleaned, it set off a renewed furor over that old issue. We all know that pricing should be the same for items that are processed the same way, without regard to who has worn them. However, the problem arises when a woman’s shirt cannot be finished on an automated press, because of style or size. Some cleaners will charge the same for a small plain shirt, simply to avoid problems with customers, while others take the time to explain the difference in cost. Members received PDCA’s poster, “Equal Pricing Policy” in their mailed issue. They can receive would like additional copies, by calling the office at 800/822-7352 or email us at

OSHA Inspections Are Ongoing

OSHA inspectors have visited drycleaners in our area. Some have been cited for violations. Here is a list of what have been the most common violations. Make sure that your plant takes care of all of these items.

The Top 22 Violations

  1. No written Hazard Communications Standard Program
  2. No Hazard Communication Standard Training Program
  3. No Lockout/Tagout program
  4. No Eyewash stations
  5. No Material Safety Data Sheets on site
  6. Electrical conductors not protected and openings not closed at electrical boxes
  7. No permanent or continuous electrical path to ground
  8. Improper use of electrical extension cords
  9. Exits not clearly marked
  10. Inoperable or improperly charged fire extinguishers
  11. No cover of electrical pull, junction boxes or fittings
  12. No written respirator program
  13. No fire extinguishers provided and mounted
  14. No marking of disconnects on electrical
  15. Improper labeling of chemical containers
  16. Lack of annual maintenance check for fire extinguishers
  17. Non use of respirators as required
  18. No emergency plan
  19. Compressed air above 30psi used for cleaning
  20. Reverse polarity of electrical conductor
  21. Lack of eye and face protection
  22. Material Safety and Data Sheets unavailable
From the Board...
New Graduates
Congratulations to Dawn Bates, Hershey Laundry & Drycleaning, Palmyra, PA who completed both the February/March introduction and advanced drycleaning classes at DLI. Monika Manter, Balfurd, State College, PA also completed the introductory course. Congratulations also to Tim Laskey, and Stephen Treichler, both of Model Cleaners & Uniform, Charleroi, PA, and Sonia Marrero, Hershey Laundry & Drycleaning, Palmyra, PA, on successfully completing the Ten Day Advanced Course. .
New Certified Professional Wetcleaner
Jason Feldman, of The Clean Store in Malvern, PA, has been named a Certified Professional Wetcleaner. Jason is a relatively newcomer to the drycleaning industry and is using the educational opportunities of DLI to help make his business professional and successful.
Local Stars
Gary and Carol Greenholt of Palm’s Cleaners in Hanover are featured separately In DLI’s new video, “Why Drycleaners Love DLI.” You can see the video at, under the Membership tab. It’s worth looking at.