Quick Tips

Guarded Trouser Hangers

Make your own over-sized guarded trouser hangers. I have a customer who wears size 6XL trousers. Traditional trouser hangers are too small. My remedy is to take two 18 inch shirt hangers (for strength) and overlap two regular trouser guards (covering all 18 inches) stapling them in the middle. The 6XL trousers can now be placed over the trouser guards with ample room.

Steve Stevenson, Stevenson’s Cleaners, Altoona

Soaking Garments Overnight

When you want to soak a garment overnight, cover it with a towel so that the garment stays completely submerged.

Bill Nicolais, Spotless Cleaners

The Right Brush for Each Task

Use the correct brush, and don’t mix their use:
1. Black brush – dryside brush used for solvent based stain removal products.
2. White brush – wetside brush used for water based stain removal products.
3. Hog Bristle brush – a soft bristled brush for stain removal used on delicate fabrics.
4. Use cheesecloth to wrap around a bristled brush to make a soft, padded brush for delicate items.

Jane Zellers, JCZ Training & Consulting